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Reception of proposals on procurement

Categories of parts regarding which we are issuing a general invitation

  • For proposals of a new dealing: fill the form prepared for each item.
  • We cannot keep secrecy of the description made in this form; do not disclose confidential information here.
  • Remember that we may not be able to reply to all of your proposals.


  Major Procurement item
  Electronic parts Registration   Forged parts Registration
  Press parts Registration   Cast parts Registration
  Rubber parts Registration   Aluminum die cast parts Registration
  Resin parts Registration

Materials, fuel, etc.

  Major Procurement item
  Steel material Registration   Oil Registration
  Aluminum material Registration   Grease Registration
  Resin material Registration   Packing material Registration
  • Once you send us information, this will be entered into our company's data base and we will contact you as necessary. There is no need to send information in response to this homepage again in the future.
  • Even in the event your company is interested in supplying multiple part types, you need select only one representative part type for registration.