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Together with local communities

Social background

The importance of participating in and contributing to the local community is one of the seven core themes of IS026000. The 4th edition of GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (G4 Guidelines) touches on local community development programs based on the needs of local community.
Amongst these, there is a requirement to grasp both the impact on local community as well as the needs of the community, and establish the strong engagement with local residents.

The way of thinking by JTEKT

"Social contribution activities" as one of the Corporate Activities Standard

One of JTEKT's Corporate Activities Standards is "As a good corporate citizen, aggressively pursue activities that contribute to society." The Social Contribution Working Group under the Council for Enhancement of Corporate Value leads to expand social contribution activities companywide in the five major areas of “local communities,” “nurturing of young community members,” “environment conservation,” “support for disaster-stricken areas” and “employee support of activities.”

What we want to achieve

By forging good relationships with local communities through social contribution activities, JTEKT aims to be the company trusted and appreciated by communities and achieve mutual development.

JTEKT’s definition of a good corporate citizen

Aim for the five priority fields

Local communities JTEKT grasps the needs and evaluation of local communities and engages in ongoing contribution activities befitting to JTEKT.
Fostering young community members
Target: High school students and younger
JTEKT leverages its experience and knowledge related to culture, sports and company business to continuously provide opportunities for the healthy development with young generation, who will be leaders of the future.
Environmental conservation
* Safety & Environment Promotion Dept.
JTEKT continuously participates in activities to create environments where all living creatures can continue to coexist.
Support for disaster-stricken areas Increasing the participatory consciousness of employees through activities close to the natural disaster area.
Employee support of activities Each and every employee must understand the aim of JTEKT’s social contribution activities and as many employees as possible must participate in one activity per year.

Main activities FY2020

[ Local communities ]

Holding community discussions at the all plants

We periodically invite local government officials and community members to participate in community discussions at each plant and business office. At these sessions, we report achievements of the environmental conservation activities and exchange opinions, and conduct plant tours, etc., to build a good relationship with the local community. However, during FY2020, due to the spread of due to COVID-19, sessions were held at only 7 domestic plants.

Deepening friendships through plant festivals

Each of JTEKT's plants and business offices hold festivals every year, featuring stage shows, games, employee-run stalls and more. The aim is to promote friendship between employees, families and the local community.
During FY2020, due to the spread of coronavirus infectiondue to COVID-19, festivals were not held at 12 domestic plants and at the Higashikariya Office.

Visitors enjyoyed the Event and lotteries at Handazono Plant Festival.
(The photo shows last year)

[ Regional beautification activities ]

JTEKT employees aggressively participated in the beautification activities to foster harmony with local communities. In FY2020 as well, this activity was carried out at 6 domestic sites, including plants, headquarters and branch offices.
(The photo shows last year)

Employees that particiapated in Kagawa plant clean-up activity Clean-up activity around the Higashikariya Plant Clean-up activity around the Head Office
Employees that particiapated in Kagawa plant clean-up activity Clean-up activity around the Higashikariya Plant Clean-up activity around the Head Office

[ Traffic safety initiatives ]

JTEKT actively promotes a number of road safety activities, including “risho"(*), which is carried out at each of our domestic bases. *Risho: A practice unique to Japan where, on the morning of a specific day every month, employees of automotive-related companies promote road safety awareness amongst drivers. The activity aims to reduce the number of road accidents. (The photo shows last year)

Traffic safety initiatives

[ Various forms of communication with the community ]

In addition to community discussions and plant festivals, JTEKT is promoting communication with local communities in various ways.

Concluding agreements with the regions

Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement between Akita Prefecture/Akita City with JTEKT STINGS
Akita Prefecture, Akita City and JTEKT concluded a Cooperation Agreement related to JTEKT STINGS, one of the V-league team on March 4, 2021.
Since JTEKT IT Akita Corporation was established as an automotive software development base in Akita Pref. in 2017, we have been making efforts to contribute to job creation and regional revitalization in the region.
At the ceremony, JTEKT presented a signed JTEKT STINGS uniform to Akita Pref. as a memory.
This agreement is the fourth agreement after Kariya City in Aichi Pref., Kashihara City in Nara Pref. and Tokushima Pref. In the future, we will strive to popularize volleyball and improve its competitiveness in Akita Pref., and also contribute to regional revitalization.

(Contents of the Agreement)
1) Public relations of JTEKT STINGS to the people in the region
2) Holding volleyball lessons for the children attending to the local elementary and junior high schools
3) Cooperation for smooth operation at the games at home
4) City sales and vitalization of regional people

Akita Prefecture, Akita City and JTEKT concluded a Cooperation Agreement related to JTEKT STINGS, one of the V-league team on March 4, 2021.
[Conclusion ceremony]
From left: Mr. Hozumi, Mayor of Akita city, Sato, President of JTEKT Corporation, Mr. Satake, Governor of Akita Prefecture

Three-party Agreement between Tokushima Prefecture, Tokushima University and JTEKT Corporation

Tokushima Prefecture, National University Corporation Tokushima University and JTEKT Corporation will cooperate each other to develop mobile inspection facilities and to improve the usage system in the event of a disaster, such as infectious diseases and natural disasters in Tokushima Prefecture. We have signed a three-party agreement with the aim of strengthening measures against complex disasters.

<Background of this agreement>
June 2019: JTEKT and Tokushima University concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement to collaborate and cooperate toward the creation of new industries, education and development of human resources who will lead the future.
March 2020: JTEKT and Tokushima University collaborated to develop a mobile test facility
July 2020: Emergency remodeling of the facility into a mobile PCR testing facility and installation at Tokushima Prefectural Central Hospital for the purpose of improving the medical system in Tokushima Prefecture

In the future, we will develop the efforts by these three parties under this agreement and strengthen measures against infectious diseases and natural disasters.

[Three-party cooperation matters]
① Invention and development of mobile inspection facility
② Specification alterations of the mobile inspection facility owned by JTEKT and Tokushima University in the event of a disaster, lending to Tokushima Prefecture, and use in disaster areas, etc.
③ Development and verification of the mobile facility that contributes to other disaster and infectious disease countermeasures

Three-party Agreement between Tokushima Prefecture, Tokushima University and JTEKT Corporation
[Conclusion ceremony]
From left: Mr. Noji, Principal of Tokushima University, Mr. Iizumi, Governor of Tokushima Prefecture, Hayashida, Vice chief of division of JTEKT Corporation

[ Welfare support ]

JTEKT supports the socially vulnerable people, such as those with disabilities and senior citizens, in many ways.

Toyohashi plant – Social welfare support (The photo shows last year)
We accept Person with a disability employment support facility's cookie shop in pant canteen.
Many employees bought some cookies and became happy.
We donated the manufactured masks to facilities.

[ Environment conservation ]

The social contribution activities in the environmental field is one important theme for JTEKT and, in collaboration with Safety & Environment Promotion Dept., and we engages in activities for harmony with nature together with community members at each plant and business site.
These activities are introduced in the Environment > TOPICS section.

[ Nurturing of young community members ]

Although it could not be implemented in 2020 due to COVID-19, we are contributing to the development of young people in the local community through manufacturing classes and sporting events.

Monozukuri class (hands-on) (The photo shows last year)
Kariya Plant Monozukiri with parents Head Office-Monozukuri class1 Head Office-Monozukuri class2
Kariya Plant Monozukiri with parents Head Office-Monozukuri class
Volleyball classes

As an activity contributing to local community, JTEKT STINGS volleyball classes were held. In 2020, we created a volleyball class DVD and sent it to nine schools.

[ Disaster area support ]

Charity caravan supporting disaster-stricken areas

JTEKT runs charity caravans supporting disaster areas at all of its domestic bases as a companywide support activity by setting up donation boxes and utilizing vending machines.
FY2020 was the 8th year of this initiative and the total of 1,500,968 yen was raised in donations.
The money raised was donated to nine volleyball teams in five schools in Kesennuma/Minamisanriku as well as the Kesennuma Asobiba Community Organization as support for their activities.

Donation amount

Cumulative amount since 2013

20,314,731 yen

Volleyball class supporting recovery in disaster-stricken areas

JTEKT’s men’s volleyball team, the JTEKT STINGS (V League affiliated) did not hold a volleyball class in Kesennnuma city, Miyagi prefecture in 2020.
JTEKT STINGS has been continuing this volleyball class since the very first in 2011 immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake in the hope of restoring positive energy in the area. Therefor we sent a volleyball class DVD.