Together with local communities

Social background

The importance of participating in and contributing to the local community is one of the seven core themes of IS026000. The 4th edition of GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (G4 Guidelines) touches on local community development programs based on the needs of local community.
Amongst these, there is a requirement to grasp both the impact on local community as well as the needs of the community, and establish the strong engagement with local residents.

The way of thinking by JTEKT

Establishment of JTEKT Group Social Contribution Activity Policy

JTEKT has formulated "JTEKT BASIC PRINCIPLE" to express its desire to solve social issues through its business activities and to continue to be a company that contributes "for the Earth, for the world, and for our customers."
In social contribution activities other than business activities, JTEKT has established the "JTEKT Group Social Contribution Activity Policy" to develop company-wide social contribution activities that based on "JTEKT BASIC PRINCIPLE."

JTEKT Group Social Contribution Activity Policy


Based on "JTEKT BASIC PRINCIPLE", JTEKT Group will engage in social contribution activities with the "participation of all employees" through "dialogue" with local communities "for the earth and for the world."

Approach to Activities

Based on the idea that "a company is a public institution of society," we will endeavor to conduct activities in harmony with "JTEKT BASIC PRINCIPLE" to solve social issues.
All JTEKT will work together with business activities to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035. In addition to reducing CO₂ emissions, we will engage in activities to protect the richness of the Earth, such as preservation of biodiversity.
At each of the Group's locations, we will work to create an environment in which all children can grow up healthy and happy, we will also work together to create safe, secure, and comfortable lifestyles based on dialogue with the local community.
We will contribute to the creation of an environment in which more people can be involved in a variety of sports.

Focus Areas


  • Activities to reduce CO₂ emissions, such as tree planting and afforestation
  • Biodiversity conservation, such as tideland conservation and river cleanups

2.Contribution to the local community

  • Activities to support the healthy growth of all children, including support for children's cafeterias
  • Activities that meet local objectives based on dialogue with the community

3.Sports Promotion

  • Support for amateur sports
  • Youth development through sports, such as sports classes and sponsorship of tournaments

Main activities FY2022

[ Local communities ]

Holding community discussions at each location

We periodically invite local government officials and community members to participate in community discussions at each plant and business office. At these sessions, we report achievements of the environmental conservation activities and exchange opinions, and conduct plant tours, etc., to build a good relationship with the local community. However, during FY2022, due to the spread of coronavirus infection, sessions were held at only 8 domestic plants.


Participation in local festivals to deepen friendship

We actively participate in local events and festivals to build and maintain good relationships with the communities that support our offices.



[ Regional beautification activities ]

JTEKT employees aggressively participated in the beautification activities to foster harmony with local communities. In FY2022 as well, this activity was carried out at all domestic sites, including plants, headquarters and branch offices.



[ Food donations to food banks ]

With the cooperation of the Food Bank (Volunteer Center) We delivered food to people in the community who needed it, just in time for the replacement of emergency stockpiles.


[ Various forms of communication with the community ]

In addition to community discussions and plant festivals, JTEKT is promoting communication with local communities in various ways.

Sponsored the Akita Kanto Festival in 2022

JTEKT IT Development Center in Akita sponsored the Akita Kanto Festival, which is considered one of the "Three Great Festivals of Tohoku" along with Aomori's Nebuta Festival and Sendai's Tanabata Festival. As part of our CSR activities to invigorate the local community, lanterns adorned with the "JTEKT" logo illuminated the night sky of Akita on the festival day in August 2022.


Conducted a Workshop at a Nursery School

As part of the awareness campaign for JTEKT's corporate mascot design contest, we conducted a workshop at a nursery school in Nagoya City to introduce a part of our business.
Approximately 50 children were provided with handmade materials by our employees to familiarize them with "Bearings used in your lives." They were also encouraged to participate in creating mascot design illustrations, featuring a cat motif.


[ Welfare support ]

JTEKT supports the socially vulnerable people, such as those with disabilities and senior citizens, in many ways.

Conducted door-to-door sales at local employment support facilities for people with disabilities.
We set up a sales space in the cafeteria and sold a wide variety of handmade bread and other items made by the facility's users. The sales were very well received.


Held a hands-on boccia event
We held Boccia trial sessions at the business site, a sport that is an official Paralympic event and can be enjoyed by people of all ages, genders, and disabilities.


[ Environment conservation ]

The social contribution activities in the environmental field is one important theme for JTEKT and, in collaboration with Safety & Environment Promotion Dept., and we engages in activities for harmony with nature together with community members at each plant and business site.
These activities are introduced in the Environment > TOPICS section.

[ Nurturing of young community members ]

Due to the spread of coronavirus infection, it could not be implemented in 2020, through activities such as monozukuri classes and sporting events, JTEKT contributes to fostering young community members.
We also accept and implement work experience programs from schools in our base areas.



Sports Support

【 JTEKT STINGS Volleyball Class 】
In FY2022, we held volleyball classes at 16 locations for 1,113 junior high and high school students in the business area as part of our social contribution activities for the local community.
Through volleyball classes, we will continue to connect with people in the communities where our business sites are located.


【 JTEKT Stingers Badminton Class 】
As well as volleyball classes as a community social contribution activity, In FY2022, badminton classes were held at 10 locations with a total of 156 participants.