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Together with customers

Social background

Awareness of consumers’ rights is rising on a global scale, exemplified by the ISO26000 positioning consumer issues as one of the central themes. Moreover, there is a trend emerging which emphasizes dialogue with stakeholders amidst an expectation of corporations to incorporate sustainable interaction with society into their value creation process.

The way of thinking by JTEKT

Considering the entire society as customers

We JTEKT aims to become the first contact and the most important consultant of our customers, which should be realized by our value proposals exceeding customer expectations. Moreover, we are solving social issues and contributing to SDGs with our products and technologies used in various industries, such as automotive, railway, steel, aviation and space..
In recent years, under the concept of "Human Harmonics," we have also been focusing on developing products directly and personally used by our end customers to support their new needs in the changing social environment.
JTEKT have a strong awareness of our social responsibility and constantly strive to provide value at “good quality, affordable price”, considering an entire society as our customers in addition to our regular business customers.

Quality policy and quality assurance system

In the concept of "Quality belongs to Customers", Establishing a quality policy with the motto of “Customer First”, we are working on a variety of quality improvement activities. We also maintain and constantly improve a quality assurance system based on this policy. We believe that emphasizing "design quality and manufacturing quality” and seeking quality at each stage allow us to improve overall product quality and gain our customers’ trust. Our quality policy is posted and chanted to be penetrated and taken root at all of the companies.

Quality policy

Adhering to the theme of “Quality First”, we offer products which earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

  • Making decisions and taking swift action from the standpoint of our customers
  • Improving design and manufacturing quality through the ingenuity of all members

Quality assurance system

Quality assurance system

Main activities FY2020

[ Quality ]

JTEKT aims to obtain customer’s voice “Quality JTEKT” by achieving supreme KPI level.

We are proceeding quality improvement activities focusing on research & development, production preparation and manufacturing concerns.

  • Research & Development: Establish “system” to eradicate the possibility of problem recurrence
  • Production preparation: Eliminate thoroughly problem root cause that come from development and production preparation
  • Manufacturing: Establish floor management that deliver safety sense and admiration from customers
  • EDER(*1): Further warranty reduction: Stabilize “OEM-oriented activity” out of JTEKT

*1 EDER “EDER” is an abbreviation of “Early Detection Early Resolution”.

Improvement through periodic inspections of quality management system

JTEKT continues to receive periodic inspections once a year by third parties and uses the results to further revise and improve its quality control system.

(Major obtained certifications)

  • ISO9001 (International quality management system standard)
  • TS16949 (Quality management system for the automotive industry)
  • AS9100 (Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations)
Initiatives to reform company culture and raise customer satisfaction levels

For the purpose of raising quality awareness, we have set November as “Quality Month”. During this months, we engage in various activities such as collecting and displaying posters and quality slogans, and discussing improvements for each department.

Quality Month

Conducting a customer satisfaction survey

As in previous years, in FY2020 we conducted customer satisfaction surveys targeting our main customers. In order to improve satisfaction in the five areas of quality, delivery, technical response capability, cost response capability and technical/sales service, we shared the issues revealed by these surveys and are exerting efforts to solve them promptly and appropriately.

Awards from customer companies

JTEKT received awards from customer companies in recognition of various quality improvement activities.

Major awards FY2020

Region Customer name Region Customer name Region Customer name
Japan Aichi Machine Industry Europe General Motors Europe India Toyota Kirloskar Motors (TKML)
ISUZU MOTORS China GAC Mitsubishi Motors (GMMC) South America Honda Automotiva Brasil
EXEDY Corporation GAC Toyota Motor (GTMC) General Motors Brasil
Kubota Corporation John Deere (China) Investment
North America General Motors North America ASEAN Hino Motors Manufacturing (Thailand)
Honda of America Mazda Motor Corporation

[ Communication ]


" JTEKT VIRTUAL FAIR (online exhibition) "was held on the website from November 16, 2020 (Monday) through January 31, 2021 (Sunday). We showcased our latest technology and machines, focusing on machine tools and mechatronics products.

<Key exhibition contents>

  • Online showroom
  • Special seminar
  • Online consultation reservation
  • EV Pavilion (Proposal for the electric vehicle market, which is expected to grow in the future)
Field Operational Tests of autonomous driving in Haneda Airport Area

JTEKT Corporation is participating in Field Operational Tests at Tokyo Waterfront City area for the 2nd phase of the SIP Program "Autonomous Driving (System and Service expansion)". Field Operational Tests of autonomous driving has been conducted in Haneda Airport Area from June 8 to July 16, 2020.
Based on the results of Field Operational Tests, we will further improve our technology and contribute to solving social issues such as securing mobility for all people, improving driver shortage, and reducing costs by contributing to the realization of a next-generation public transportation system.

Test vehicle
<Test vehicle>

Stopping with correct arrival control
<Stopping with correct arrival control>

Nissan's new "Rogue" has been launched and equipped with JTEKT Electric Power Steering with Gen2 in-house MCU

Newly launched "Rogue" of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (started delivery in late October, 2020 in North American market) has been equipped with Electric Power Steering (EPS) with the second generation in-house MCU of JTEKT Corporation.
By developing the MCU system in-house, it made possible to respond quickly and flexibly to the needs of our customers and maximize the performance of EPS that is our main line of products.
In the future, we will continue to propose products with improved functional safety performance and support for autonomous driving to the automobile manufacturers around the world.

<Features of the developed product>
●Adoption of new generation steering control JWill
The newly developed steering control JWill* has been adopted instead of the conventional control.
Through fine tuning, it has become possible to respond to a wide range of customers' commitment to the steering function.
*JWill: New-generation EPS control that incorporates a torque feedback function to improve steering feel

●Adopts new embedded software based on model-based development, AUTOSAR support, etc.
We are developing the software in collaboration with JTEKT IT Development Center Akita, while centered on the Higashi-Kariya Plant, which has been a base for software development since last year.

<Future development>
In the future, in anticipation of ADAS level 3 and 4 for autonomous driving, we will proceed with the development of EPS equipped with MCU with functional safety that complies with the international standard ISO26262, and offer products in competitive pricing with the necessary functions according to customer needs.