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Together with customers

Social background

Awareness of consumers’ rights is rising on a global scale, exemplified by the ISO26000 positioning consumer issues as one of the central themes. Moreover, there is a trend emerging which emphasizes dialogue with stakeholders amidst an expectation of corporations to incorporate sustainable interaction with society into their value creation process.

The way of thinking by JTEKT

Considering the entire society as customers

In order to provide customers with the highest quality products, JTEKT naturally searches for value as a supplier but at the same time aims to be considered as having value as a partner that can be relied upon. Moreover, JTEKT’s products are used in various industries, such as automotive, railway, steel, aviation and space and are deeply and widely involved with society and environmental issues. We JTEKT have a strong awareness of our social responsibility, and constantly strive to improve technology and quality, regarding our customers to be not only those who we directly do business with, but also the society at large.

Quality policy and quality assurance system

Establishing a quality policy with the motto of “Customer First”, we are involved in a variety of quality improvement activities. We also maintain and constantly improve a quality assurance system based on this policy. In 2013, the wording of the quality policy was partially changed. The phrase “product quality” was changed to a more specific expression, “design quality and manufacturing quality”. We believe that seeking quality at each stage of design and manufacturing allows us to improve overall product quality and gain our customers’ trust.

Quality policy
Adhering to the theme of “Quality First”, we offer products which earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

  • Making decisions and taking swift action from the standpoint of our customers
  • Improving design and manufacturing quality through the ingenuity of all memb

Quality assurance system

Quality assurance system

Main activities FY2018

[ Quality ]

Elimination of major quality problems

JTEKT aims to eliminate major quality problems and the Quality Management Headquarters is the driving force of the initiatives. The To-Be model of “Floor Management” (daily management, change point management, troubleshooting) has been established and we take initiatives to improve the product quality, through raising awareness to the quality and the supply chain management.

Implemented QG (*1) -20 activities (milestone control)

JTEKT has begun a control meeting using 20 milestones for all stages, from planning, design, development and production preparation to full-scale production. The required quality is properly reflected in the product.

*1 QG QG is an abbreviation for Quality Gates.

Strengthening the EDER (*2) activity

JTEKT engages in an EDER activity aimed at looking from our customers’ perspectives to discover market issues at an early state, promptly identify the cause, establish countermeasures and deploy these in the market.

*2 EDER “EDER” is an abbreviation of “Early Detection Early Resolution”.

Improvement through periodic inspections

JTEKT actively pursues the obtainment of reviewed quality management system certification through third parties. JTEKT continues to receive periodic inspections once a year and uses the results to further revise and improve its quality control system.

Major obtained certifications

  • ISO9001 (International quality management system standard)
  • TS16949 (Quality management system for the automotive industry)
  • JIS Q 9100 (Quality management system for the aviation/aerospace industries)
Initiatives to reform company culture and raise customer satisfaction levels

For the purpose of raising quality awareness, we have set November as “Quality Months”. During these months, we engage in various activities such as collecting and displaying posters and quality slogans, and discussing improvements for each department.


Conducting a customer satisfaction survey

As in previous years, in FY2018 we conducted customer satisfaction surveys targeting our main customers. In order to improve satisfaction in the five areas of quality, delivery, technical response capability, cost response capability and technical/sales service, we shared the issues revealed by these surveys and are exerting efforts to solve them promptly and appropriately.

Awards from customer companies

JTEKT received awards from customer companies in recognition of various quality improvement activities.

Major awards FY2018

Customer name Award Awarded company
TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION Service Parts Engineering Administration Div. Certificate of Appreciation JTEKT Corporation
Mazda Motor Corporation Zero Defects for 2018 award JTEKT Corporation
Ford Moter Company Zero Defects for 2018 award JTEKT Corporation
GAC Mitsubishi Motors Best Quality supplier JTEKT Corporation
TKM Best Quality supplier JTEKT Corporation

[ Communication ]

"Exhibition of new business product (Power Assist Suits / J-PAS) at domestic trade fairs”

Since we launched “J-PAS®” in August 2018, we have been exhibiting the product to offer an opportunity to physically wear and experience the benefit that could reduce the burden on the waist and the fit feeling.

[Outline of the exhibitions]
① Logis-Tech Tokyo (September 11-14, 2018, Tokyo Big Sight)
② Robodex (January 16-18, 1919 Tokyo Big Sight)
③ Next Innovation Technology Fair (March 19-19, 2007, Fukiage Hall)

Logis-Tech Tokyo, Robodex,Next Innovation Technology Fair

Brand new corporate advertisement

JTEKT started brand new corporate advertisement "Brother, is it OK for you to chose JTEKT as a place of employment?" from February 2018.
This advertisement is planned to enhance friendliness and sympathy towards JTEKT among wide range of people especially students.
In addition to TV and newspaper ads, special web site was also prepared to precisely appeal JTEKT's advanced technology and wide range of business area.
After a series of ads in 2018, JTEKT awareness level grew up to 28.8% from the last year's score of 23.3%

corporate advertisement

Corporate advertisement

Transition in awareness level

Transition in awareness level

Corporate advertisement

Transition in awareness level

Series of PR events for overseas journalists

JTEKT invited journalists from Europe, India, China and US to a series of PR events held in Japan from July 9 to 11, 2018. Interview to President Agata, Hanazono Plant tour and Test drive at Iga Proving ground are included. After the events, journalists wrote many articles in their local media.

Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition 2018

Together with "Da Vinci Bearing replica", many of his inventions related to current technology were displayed. Such as; "Self-moving Car replica" from Atlántico Manuscript, which reminds us the latest autonomous driving vehicle and "Flapping Airplane", "Chopper or Air-Pressure Screw". During the event, special lecture of "Da Vinci's inventions and bearing technology" was held.

Establishment of Research installation for innovation at Kariya City

JTEKT opened "JTEKT R&D Innovation Center Kariya" for the next generation's cutting edge technology at February 5, 2019. This facility, based inside the Higashi-Kariya Plant, established especially for higher creative innovation which would confront variety of advanced research subjects. With this Innovation Center, JTEKT plans to create vigorous office environment for creative Divisions, to strengthen JTEKT's R&D potential power introducing agile development and to propel unique intellectual creation.

Establishment of Open Innovation facility at Ginza office

JTEKT has been undertaking R&D for the next generation's cutting edge technology and challenge for open innovation which associate with Collage and start-up company in order to create new business area.

G-JOIN(Ginza JTEKT Open INnovation center)