No.1006E 2009 R&D Efforts Regarding Lightweight, High-Rigidity Hub Units

Author T. YOKOTA
Chubu Technical Center, Bearing & Driveline Operations Headquarters
Experiment & Analysis Engineering Dept., Bearing & Driveline Operations Headquarters
Abstract In recent years, the demand worldwide for weight reduction in automotive parts in order to improve fuel efficiency has increased. Despite this, automakers are requiring that wheel bearing performance in the areas of rigidity, strength and life be maintained or improved. This report explains JTEKT’s development of a generation Ⅲ hub unit featuring both lightweight and high rigidity, achieved by means of a parameter study regarding bearing specifications and the outer ring and shaft shape along with utilization of advanced CAE analysis technology. JTEKT will continue utilizing this study method and these results to create products with the optimal performance to meet the needs of customers in regard to multiple design requirements including strength, rigidity, life, and mass.
Keyword hub unit, light weight, moment rigidity, CAE, optimization

T. NUMATA: Latest Technical Trends regarding Hub Unit Bearings, Koyo Engineering Journal, No.168E, (2005) 8.
T. NAKASHITA, T. ONIZUKA, K. HASEGAWA: New CAE Analysis of Rolling Bearings, JTEKT ENGINEERING JOURNAL, No.1001E (2006) 84.

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