No.1019E 2023Special Edition on Automotive Technologies Future Prospects: A New Era from Power Assist Steering to Smart Steering

Category OUTLOOK
Author M. MURATA
Chief of Business Field
Abstract Automobiles are undergoing major changes as part of the steps being taken to achieve the sustainable society laid out in the SDGs. Steering systems can contribute to this major worldview change in two ways: creating new value by increasing intelligence, and providing the best universal value with high quality at low prices. This paper focuses on human-systems integration, cabin space and styling design, vehicle dynamics control, safety, and weight reduction, and explains the contributions and efforts of JTEKT’s latest technologies.
Keyword smart steering, power steering, EPS, AD, ADAS, UX, DX, functional safety, integrated control, Pairdriver™, J-EPICS©

3) K. SAKATA: Outlook for Steering System Technology Aimed at Self-Driving, JTEKT ENGINEERING JOURNAL, No. 1017E (2020) 9.

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