No.1019E 2023Special Edition on Automotive Technologies Technical Trends and Outlook for Automotive Driveline System for Electrification

Category OUTLOOK
Author H. MAKI
Chief of Business Field
Abstract With the electrification of vehicle powertrains, the requirements for drive units and systems are also changing significantly. Specifically, it is necessary to develop drive units and systems that respond to changes in power characteristics and responsiveness due to motors, changes in the configuration of the entire powertrain, and changes in mounting requirements. This paper introduces the current status and prospects of technologies for electrifi cation in drive shafts, hub units, differential units, and torque control devices (TCD). We will also introduce our gear and bearing efforts to increase the speed and reduce the size of the eAxle. Finally, we will introduce efforts to optimize the design of the drive system in order to satisfy the three conflicting elements of fuel efficiency, driving performance, and NV at a high level.
Keyword electrification of automobiles, driveline system, drive shaft, hub unit, torque control device (TCD), differential unit, carbon neutral, realization of a safe and comfortable society
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