No.1017E 2020Special Edition on Automotive Technologies Outlook for Steering System Technology Aimed at Self-Driving

Category OUTLOOK
Author K. SAKATA
Vice Chief of Division
Abstract As represented by MaaS, the environment surrounding automobiles is entering a dramatic period of change. Even in regards to steering system technology, there is an advancement in the anticipated role from the conventional simple power aid to a traveling aid supporting self-driving. This paper introduces the travelling aid-related technologies JTEKT is promoting, as well as the outlook of steering system technology aimed at self-driving.
Keyword EPS, CASE, functional safety, SBW, HMI, integration control

H. MATSUOKA: Development and Future Outlook of Steering Systems, JTEKT ENGINEERING JOURNAL, No. 1013E (2016) 8.
F. SATO, M. HIGASHI, T. SUGIYAMA: Development of Auxiliary Power Supply System for Electric Power Steering, JTEKT ENGINEERING JOURNAL, No.1013E (2016) 39.

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