No.1007E 2010 JTEKT Group Activities to Develop and Design Environmentally Friendly Products

Category SURVEY
R&D Planning Dept., Research & Development Center
Abstract JTEKT has established six specialized environmental subcommittees under the Global Environmental Preservation Committee and promotes environmental preservation activities on a companywide basis. The Environmental Design Subcommittee, one of the six subcommittees, has been carrying out activities related to the development and design stages in order to promote the creation of environmentally friendly products. In 2003, it established a "basic equation for environmental effi ciency" as a common index for all JTEKT products with the aim of preventing global warming. This paper presents various activities by the JTEKT Group to create environmentally friendly products in the areas of both automotive and industrial products and reduce environmental impact.
Keyword environmental management, environmental performance, environment-friendly products, environmental efficiency, global environment conservation committee, design subcommittee, bearing, steering system, driveline product, machine tool
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