No.1008E 2011 "Monozukuri" Manufacturing in Emerging Countries

Category SURVEY
Author M. ISAKA
Executive Director
Abstract Taking advantage of low labor costs and rich manpower for manufacturing resources, emerging countries have grown economically and now are turning into huge markets. Product development to meet local needs and dramatic cost reduction are necessary for manufacturing companies to survive in today's rapidly changing global market, and with that in mind, I visited China, India, Indonesia and Brazil. Each country has unique manufacturing environment characteristics in areas such as resources, infrastructure, working conditions, and technical capability. Key points for "monozukuri" manufacturing suited to each country's circumstances include the following: In China, production locations must be suitable to fluctuating market and labor environments; in India, cooperation with local companies is required; in ASEAN countries, production methods taking advantage of low labor costs are important; and in South America, production of a wide variety of types in small quantities is necessary. Also, in order to support the strong growth and satisfy the diversifying needs of these emerging countries, Japanese parts manufacturers must make production engineering innovations and establish a production system of a wide variety of types in small quantities at low cost.
Keyword Emerging countries, manufacturing, part production, BRICs, VISTA, LCC
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