No.1008E 2011 Strategy for Transfer Elemental Designing and Employing Physical Characteristic Modeling of Steering Maneuvering (the Second Report)

Author S. KIMURA
Electronic Systems R&D Dept., Research & Development Center
Managing Officer, Research & Development Center, Doctor of Informatics
Abstract Our previous report introduced a theoretical method for improving steering maneuverability. The characteristics of components related to "steering feeling" were examined by this method. To determine the quantitative advantages of this theoretical method, steering and vehicle components related to steering maneuvering are evaluated. The transfer effi ciency of steering system mechanical components such as the rack and pinion steering gear is minimized to achieve the target characteristics provided with this method. This paper describes the evaluation results of a mule equipped with improved steering and vehicle system components.
Keyword steering system, suspension system, drivability/ steering feeling, steering gear, roll steering
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