No.1009E 2012Automotive Technology Special Edition Future Views on EPS System Technological Development

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Abstract This paper investigates the technologies demanded of future electric power steering (EPS) system with a focus on the three indices of "Environment & Effi ciency", "Safety & Reassurance" and "Comfort & Convenience". To contribute to the fi rst index of "Environment & Effi ciency", the wider application of EPS system highly effective in reducing fuel consumption and the development of smaller, lighter EPS system with higher effi ciency are necessary. Furthermore, development of a highly reliable system, which rarely malfunctions, and technology allowing the EPS system itself to provide "active safety" by supporting safe steering are necessary to contribute to the second index of "Safety & Reassurance". Finally, for the third index of "Comfort & Convenience", control and elemental technology enhancing the steering experience and an advanced steering function reducing the burden on the driver are required.
Keyword electric power steering, environment, safety, comfort
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