No.1009E 2012Automotive Technology Special Edition Low Friction Torque Bearings for Differential Pinion

West JAPAN Technical Center, Bearing & Driveline Operations Headquarters
Abstract JTEKT has succeeded in the practical application of two types of low friction torque bearings which have 40% to 50% less friction torque than that of the conventional low friction torque tapered roller bearing (LFT-Ⅱ) in automobile differential pinion. One is the super-low friction torque tapered roller bearing (LFT-Ⅲ), which has achieved lower friction torque with an optimized internal geometry and lubricating oil infl ow control. The other is the tandem angular contact ball bearing, which has achieved lower friction torque by changing bearing types from tapered roller bearings to ball bearings. These bearings are expected to reduce CO2 emissions by improving automobile fuel effi ciency.
Keyword wheel bearing, integrated hub shaft, the 2.5th generation double-row tapered roller bearing hub unit, SUV, pickup truck

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