No.1009E 2012Automotive Technology Special Edition High-Precision Machining of Aluminum Parts (As a Countermeasure for the Thermal Displacement of Transmission Cases)

Author F. KODAMA
Machine Tools & Mechatronics Engineering Dept., Machine Tools & Mechatronics Operations Headquarters
Abstract The thermal displacement of aluminum parts subjected to high-precision machining is a constant cause for concern. An effective method to repress thermal displacement needs to be found. Currently, high-precision machining is performed by keeping workpiece temperature constant, however this requires signifi cant investment in coolant systems and increases production line initial outlay. The workpiece temperature compensation function we have developed is an effective solution to this problem. This function controls workpiece temperature using coolant with a temperature that follows room temperature and compensates workpiece machining coordinates on the machine side to suit changes in room temperature. As a result, coolant system investment can be reduced and a stable machining accuracy can be achieved throughout all four seasons.
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