No.1009E 2012Automotive Technology Special Edition Analysis of Distortion Mechanism of Rolling Bearing Rings in Normal Quenching and Carburized Quenching

Author K. KIZAWA
Material Engineering R&D Dept., Research & Development Center, Research & Development Headquarters
Abstract This report introduces an application example of a heat treatment simulation technology in analyzing phenomena of the heat treatment process which are complicated and difficult to verify through experiments. Defining heat transfer coeffi cients conforming to actual temperature measurements has made it possible to perform heat treatment simulations that correspond closely to actual distortions. We have utilized this simulation technology to verify the heat distortion mechanism in normal quenching and carburized quenching, and as a result, predict that regarding heat treatment distortion produced in the oil quenching process, normal quenching, which causes martensitic transformation fi rst on surfaces, is more sensitive than carburized quenching. From this, we have established that in the case of normal quenching, uniform cooling in the oil quenching process is effective for reducing heat treatment distortion, whereas for carburized quenching, it is important to implement measures in other processes.
Keyword vertical grinding machine, space saving, large workpieces, TOYODA STAT BEARING?
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