No.1010E 2013Energy Saving Related Technologies Special Edition Modeling and Simulation for Dynamic Analysis of Column Type Electric Power Steering

Author T. TAMURA
Mechanical Systems R&D Dept., Research & Development Headquarters
Electronic Systems R&D Dept., Research & Development Headquarters
R&D Planning Dept., Research & Development Headquarters, Doctor of Mechatronics
Abstract A model is proposed for the analysis of the static and dynamic performance of a column type electric power steering (C-EPS) with relevant applications in system design and control. The basic inertia, stiffness and damping properties of each component are taken into consideration. Friction states in steering components change remarkably in normal operation conditions. Therefore a dynamic friction model (LuGre friction model) has been introduced for precise modeling of the losses in the gear meshes, the yoke support and the bearings. The torque ripple generated in the universal joints of the intermediate shaft is also taken into consideration. The assist motor (brushed DC type) and its power electronics are represented in a 4-quadrant model so as to represent power flow effect. The developed model has been validated respectively for three subsystems (the assist motor, the power column and the rack & pinion). Finally, static and dynamic responses of this power steering model have been validated against experimental data of normal and inverse input.
Keyword steering system, dynamic model, EPS, LuGre friction model
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