No.1011E 2014Compact/Lightweight - Related Technologies Special Edition Grease Lubrication Technology for Sliding Automobile Parts

Author R. NAKATA
Material Engineering R&D Dept., Research & Development Headquarters
Abstract To address the issue of grease for automobile sliding parts, we took into consideration the prevention of starvation by improving inflow, friction reduction under boundary lubrication conditions, and the improvement of resin compatibility. Inflow into the sliding contact face improved by using a thickener with high gelling ability, which reduced shear viscosity in high-speed areas of over 102 s-1. The friction coeffi cient under boundary lubrication conditions was reduced more than 50% by use of a stearate oiliness agent. Furthermore, penetration of the agent into resin was reduced by selecting an agent with metal elements. With these low-friction and resincompatible technologies, we have created a grease lubrication technology that can contribute to a broad range of automobile parts.
Keyword grease, sliding contact, rheology, infl ow, resin compatibility, automobile
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