No.1012E 2015Industry Related Technologies Special Edition Improvement of Reliability for Main Shaft Bearings of Multi-megawatt Class Wind Turbine Generators

Author R. HOSAKA
Industrial Machinery Application Engineering Dept., Bearing Operations Headquarters
Experiment & Analysis Dept., Bearing Operations Headquarters
Abstract Many countries around the world are showing a great interest in renewable energy. Wind power, as the most practical renewable energy, has been spreading throughout the world since the year 2000. Recently, installations of wind turbine generators at offshore sites have increased, leading to the introduction of multi-megawatt wind turbine generators. A bigger bearing size and a various type of bearings are employed on multi-MW wind turbines. Our company has developed bearings for the main shaft of multi-megawatt wind turbine generators, and verified reliability for these bearings.
Keyword bearing, renewable energy, wind power generation, onshore, offshore, multi-MW

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