No.1012E 2015Industry Related Technologies Special Edition Development of the GC20Mi CBN Cam Grinder

Author E. FUKUTA
Machine Tools Development Dept., Machine Tools & Mechatronics Operations Headquarters
Abstract The GC20Mi CBN cam grinder was developed to meet the need for technological innovativeness, high productivity, and high accuracy stability in CBN cam grinders for grinding automobile camshafts. The GC20Mi is belt-driven, with wheel diameter specifi cations of u350-120 m/s, u100-60 m/s and u150-80 m/s, and supports direct drive with wheel diameter specifi cations of up to u350-160 m/s. This enables users to choose the equipment best suited for the target camshaft type. Furthermore, this grinder is equipped with the latest technological elements, and was developed with careful consideration to operability and safety, as well as environmental friendliness.
Keyword cam grinder, reduction of heat distortion, stable accuracy, operability, safety
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