No.1012E 2015Industry Related Technologies Special Edition GL5Pi-32 CNC Cylindrical Grinder

Author Machine Tools Development Dept., Machine Tools & Mechatronics Operations Headquarters
Abstract This machine is a CNC cylindrical grinder optimal for mass production machining of medium and small size shaft components within areas such as automobile components and consumer electronics. Since the birth of the GL5 (released in 1992), the medium size cylindrical grinder has evolved into the GL5 II and GL5 III, receiving high evaluations from many of our customers. To fulfill customers’ demand for “stable accuracy”, this machine has been given a machine structure in consideration to heat capacity balance, similar to the GE4i, a previously introduced machine. This machine also allows for the specifi cation selection of a CBN wheel, which achieves stable machining accuracy and improved rate of equipment operation. The CBN wheel specifi cation can be achieved at minimal cost through the employment of a CBN wheel with normal surface speed specifi cation (45 m/s), without changing the standard machine structure specifi cations.
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