No.1012E 2015Industry Related Technologies Special Edition TOYOPUC EtherCAT Master Function

Author Mechatronics Control Engineering Dept., Machine Tools & Mechatronics Operations Headquarters
Abstract The current PLC manufactured by JTEKT acts as a control network to support industrial open networks such as FL-net, DeviceNet, CC-link, and EtherNet/IP. JTEKT has developed a new PLC product supporting EtherCAT, an industrial open network which uses Ethernet technology. The forefront, high speed communication technology and high fl exibility of EtherCAT has led to its widespread usage mainly in Europe, as well as in North America and Asia. By installing EtherCAT master functions into the leading JTEKT PLC products such as TOYOPUC PC10G and TOYOPUC Plus, our company is able to build a remote IO network with faster speed and greater capacity than ever before.
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