No.1012E 2015Industry Related Technologies Special Edition High Cleanliness Coolant System

Author Machine Tools Development Dept., Machine Tools & Mechatronics Operations Headquarters
Abstract JTEKT has developed a high cleanliness coolant system that dramatically improves the cleanliness of coolant used within grinders. The development of this system was achieved through a secondary filtering unit using a magnet separator with high magnetic force and a cyclone with high collecting ability. A tertiary fi ltering unit was necessary to obtain the same level of cleanliness of 5 ppm as the conventional system. Additionally, the filtering unit employs adsorption using magnetic force as well as a centrifugal separation system. This eliminates the need for periodic filter replacement due to performance degradation, reduces running cost, and lessens the environmental burden. Grinding with high cleanliness coolant improves roundness and surface quality by reducing scratches.
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