No.1013E 2016Special Edition on Steering and Drive Unit Technologies Development of Auxiliary Power Supply System for Electric Power Steering

Author F. SATO
Advanced Development Center, Engineering Headquarters
Systems Innovation R&D Dept., Research & Development Headquarters
Advanced Development Center, Engineering Headquarters
Abstract When employing an electric power steering (EPS) system on a large vehicle, issues include an increase in the electric power load of the vehicle during stationary steering (steering while parked), and lowering of assist torque responsiveness due to lack of electric power. An auxiliary electric power supply system for EPS is being developed to solve these issues. The purpose of this system is to achieve a high power output EPS system which compensates momentarily required electric power with an auxiliary power supply. This report describes an outline of the higher power output system and vehicle test results of the auxiliary electric power supply system, as well as application development to lower the vehicle power supply load and ensure safety within the redundant power supply system.
Keyword electronics and control, electric power steering, auxiliary power supply system, high power output
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