No.1013E 2016Special Edition on Steering and Drive Unit Technologies Development of Meshing Variation Analysis of Worm Gear Used in Electric Power Steering

Component Development Dept., Steering Systems Operations Headquarters
Experiment & Analysis Dept. 1, Steering Systems Operations Headquarters
Abstract It was difficult to theoretically analyze meshing variation of the worm gear used in electric power steering by numerical formula, because gear meshing positions are largely displaced due to the structure and material. Due to this, we repeated vehicle and bench experiments and conducted countermeasures through trial and error. In order to provide a more effi cient and accurate analysis, which was a challenge during product development, we worked to create a meshing variation design tool using a fi nite element method to allow prior estimation of gear meshing variation. As a result, we have succeeded in creating an analysis technology with correlation to actual results, which makes prior estimation in the design stage possible. In addition, we have succeeded in visualizing the shared load on each tooth surface and contact position. This has facilitated the study on reduction of meshing variation and made development more effi cient.
Keyword electric power steering, worm gear, gear vibration, fi nite element method

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