No.1014E 2017Special Edition on Automotive Bearing Technologies Core Technology Strategy from a Long-term Perspective

Author Prof. Yuichiro KATO
Center for Social Contribution and Collaboration, Nagoya Institute of Technology
Abstract In recent years, many manufacturers are faced with the commoditization problem. The key to overcome this is to create new value dimensions. However, it is diffi cult to practice value dimension creation, there is a tendency to remain in the idea of improving "QCD" in existing paradigm. So, this paper introduces the idea method using the tool. The important things are to understand the ability of the element technology value-neutrally, and set an attractive social value which the company pursues through their business. Thus, the company is able to practice the core technology strategy from a long-term perspective.
Keyword MOT (Management of Technology), Core technology strategy, Value dimension creation, VBridge, Category branding
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