No.1014E 2017Special Edition on Automotive Bearing Technologies High Efficiency and Lightweight Technology of Automotive Parts for Energy Saving

Material R&D Dept., Research & Development Headquarters
Abstract High efficiency and lightweight of automotive parts such as rolling bearings, steering systems and driveline units is a signifi cant contribution to reduction of CO2 emissions by vehicle fuel effi ciency. JTEKT has introduced a "JTEKT Ecology Package" for 2.5 L class AWD vehicles for the purpose of achieving energy saving in vehicles. The paradigms of ecologically friendly products which constitute the "JTEKT Ecology Package", in particular rolling bearings and their fundamental technologies, have been presented for their high effi ciency and lightweight quality. It is expected that the total fuel effi ciency improvement from the "Ecology Package" is 10.7 percent.
Keyword rolling bearings, automobiles, tribology, low friction, high efficiency, lightweight, energy saving

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