No.1015E 2018Special Edition on Enviromental Technologies Oil/Air Lubrication for Steelmaking Equipment Bearings

Industrial Machinery Application Engineering Dept., Bearing Operations Headquarters
Abstract Recently, oil/air lubrication has undergone an expansion as a bearing lubrication method used in steelmaking equipment, such as continuous casting equipment. This type of lubrication is attracting more and more customers as it contributes to energy saving through reduced consumption of lubricant and low torque, and, in addition, it supplies compressed air to the bearing to prevent infi ltration of foreign matter, and utilizes high viscous oil which can extend the life of the bearing. We JTEKT have utilized our expertise as a bearing manufacturer to develop an oil/air lubrication device that is optimal for bearings. This report highlights its usage within steelmaking equipment, particularly on continuous casting equipment and steel rolling mills.
Keyword oil/air lubrication, continuous casting machine, steelmaking equipment, energy saving,rolling bearing life

T. MIYACHI, T.URANISHI: Technical Trends of Oil/Air Lubrication for Steel Making Equipment, JTEKT ENGINEERING JOURNAL, No. 1010E (2013) 42.
JTEKT CORPORATION : Oil/Air Lubrication System for Industrial Equipment, CAT. NO. B1019. (in Japanese)

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