No.1016E 2019Special Edition on Industry Current Status and Issues of Eco-Machining

Author Professor Takashi NAKAMURA
Visiting professor, Nagoya University (Professor Emeritus of Nagoya Institute of Technology)
Abstract Environmentally-friendly technologies have been developed for manufacturing processes to reduce burden to the environment. Especially in machining, the measures called “Eco-Machining” were progressed; these were reduction of cutting fl uid usage, use of energy-saving devices and improvement on tools. There was, however, a low estimation left on the reduction of cutting fl uid usage, where the existing production equipment was used for the eco-machining, because many malfunctions occurred in these machines. Improvement must be made on handling of cutting chips in order to realize the environmentally-friendly machining.
Keyword eco-machining, cutting fl uid, energy-saving, tool, cutting chips
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