No.1016E 2019Special Edition on Industry Higher Performance of Traction Drive Units for Printing Machines

Industrial Machinery Application Engineering Dept., Bearing Operations Headquarters
Abstract The traction drive unit is a power transmission device utilizing the rolling contact of rollers which has been adopted in printing machines and the like for many years now due to serving as a smooth and backlash-free reducer. In commercial printing, high-performance color laser printers for on-demand printing have been used due to the market needs of high-mix, small-volume production lots and short delivery time. In recent years, other demands have emerged for high performance including adoption of high-quality images, special colors, paper versatility and high speed, and the traction drive unit used to meet such demands is also required to improve rotational accuracy and to extend life. In this report, we will introduce the planetary roller style traction drive unit technology developed by JTEKT to satisfy these needs.
Keyword traction drive, planetary roller, reducer, rotational accuracy, printing machines

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