No.1016E 2019Special Edition on Industry Development of Process Integration Using a Gear Skiving Center —A Case Study Focusing on the Development of a Synchro-sleeve Gear—

Machine Tools & Mechatronics Engineering Dept., Machine Tools & Mechatronics Operations Headquarters
Abstract Due to the pursuit of automobiles that generate less noise and are more fuel efficient, there has been an increasing demand for the gears used in automotive transmissions to have higher accuracy, higher effi ciency, and be manufactured through integrated processing. The gear production lines currently operating in the automobile industry are comprised of many specialized machines (hobbing machines, broaching machines, etc.) which require a high investment cost. The workpieces produced need to be transferred between different specialized machines and even between different processes which could lead to positioning and assembly errors. This paper introduces the Gear Skiving Center, as well as a case study of integrated processing of the synchro-sleeve gear using the Gear Skiving Center. In the past, the processing of synchro-sleeve gears required multiple machines such as a lathe machine and hobbing machine, however now, the Gear Skiving Center is the sole piece of equipment required to complete all the necessary manufacturing processes, not to mention offers the added benefi ts of 1.5 times machining accuracy, 0.5 times processing time, and 0.25 times the number of necessary machines.
Keyword gear skiving, high accuracy, process integration
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