No.1017E 2020Special Edition on Automotive Technologies Dawn of Automated Driving

Author Professor Yoshiki NINOMIYA
Specially Appointed Professor in the Mobility Area at the Institute of Innovation for Future Society, Nagoya University
Abstract Automated driving is a technology that is expected to bring great change and benefi ts to automobiles and road traffi c. It is a time of life suffering for realizing what was a dream technology in ten years ago. That is also the introduction of a new mobility society, which requires not only technology but also development and remodeling on social systems. In this commentary, it is necessary for people to make efforts and changes in order to benefi t from social technology. In addition, I will give personal views on issues from the viewpoint of the people and society receiving automated driving, and issues on technical approaches and strategies for development.
Keyword automated driving, realizing, social system, technical approach, strategy for development
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