No.1017E 2020Special Edition on Automotive Technologies Vane Pump for 1-Motor Hybrid

Author Hydraulic System Engineering Dept., Driveline Systems Business Unit
Abstract Conventional pumps for transmission mainly used internal gear pumps, however the demand for high efficiency due to fuel efficiency regulations expanded the adoption of vane pumps. Since a vane pump vanes slides while it is pressed by the discharge pressure, the oil leakage is small and volumetric efficiency is high. However, it has structural disadvantages in the suppression of cavitation erosion when air is contained in the oil and especially, the starting responsiveness at low temperature compared to internal gear pumps. To counter these issues, we reviewed the designs based on the vane pumps for hydraulic power steering manufactured in JTEKT for many years. As a result, we succeeded in developing the vane pump which suits 1-Motor Hybrid (HEV).
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