No.1018E 2022Special Edition on Industry Related Technologies To the New Frontier of Function Creation Processing for High Value Manufacturing

Author Professor Tsunemoto KURIYAGAWA
Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University
Abstract We have shown that the future of manufacturing will not be limited to “the creation of form”, but will also include “the creation of function” by creating structures that express functions on or inside the machined surface. This kind of “functional creation processing” is exactly what we are aiming for in "high value manufacturing”, and we believe that it will become increasingly important. In this report, we introduce the UV-assisted tape grinding technology for gallium nitride substrates, plasma shot technology for creating low-friction and low-wear surfaces, and new surface function creation technology (ex. lattice coating) and functional material creation technology based on 3D modeling technology.
Keyword high value manufacturing, function creation processing, UV-assisted tape grinding, gallium nitride, plasma shot

1) T. KURIYAGAWA: To the New Frontier of Nano-Precision Mechanical Manufacturing Technology (from Form Generation to Function Generation), JTEKT ENGINEERING JOURNAL, No. 1010E (2013) 2.

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