No.1019E 2023Special Edition on Automotive Technologies High Performance Gears with JTEKT Only One Technology

Author H. MAKI
Chief of Business Field
Abstract Concerns about environmental issues are accelerating the adoption of electrification in vehicles, and the demand for electric units (eAxle) is also rising rapidly. In addition, declining birthrates and aging populations are increasing worldwide, which is increasing the demand for industrial robots. JTEKT proposes gears with Only One technology that is not available from other companies, by combining the strengths of analysis technology (gear double digital twin) and manufacturing know-how cultivated in automobile parts, bearings, machine tools, etc. Aiming to be a comprehensive gear builder, JTEKT contributes to society by "delivering the gears the world wants".
Keyword gear, 3D tooth modifi cation, gear double digital twin, gear machining, gear skiving, gear grinding, eAxle, industrial robots

1) N. TADA: Development of 3D Tooth Surface Creation Processing Technology Using Gear Skiving, JTEKT ENGINEERING JOURNAL, No. 1018E (2022) 66.
2) Y. OOTSUKA: Development of the GS200H5 Gear Skiving Center, JTEKT ENGINEERING JOURNAL, No. 1015E (2018) 62.

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