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Together with employees -
Personnel-related actions

Social background

Amidst a variety of CSR-related standards and targets being established (i.e. the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, ISO26000, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the GRI Standards, the International Integrated Reporting Framework and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), there were repeated cases where narratives relating to human rights and labor were reinforced. The global community is strongly demanding that companies emphasize respect for human rights and workers’ rights more when engaging in business activities.

The way of thinking by JTEKT

Creating a friendly work environment for all

JTEKT promotes the creation of a workplace in which all of our employees find it easy to work, considering various aspects such as human development, respect for diversity and safety and hygiene. Our company believes that, as we expand globally, it will become even more important to deepen understanding towards human rights and share this with group companies both domestically and overseas.

Respect for human rights and utilization of diverse human resources

JTEKT's Corporate Activities Standards states the following; "Respect the individuality of employees, create safe workplaces that motivate employees and enable them to fulfill their potential and strive to provide each with abundant living circumstances." We give explicit instructions regarding the prohibition of discrimination based on race, nationality, faith, gender, sexual orientation, age, mental/physical disabilities, etc., as well as the prohibition of child labor and forced labor, and purport recognizing employees freedom of association based on the laws of each country and region, and the purport that we will engage in discussion and dialogue with employees and their representatives with sincerity. We share and enforce this thinking with our group companies both in Japan and overseas. Additionally, we engage in various activities to utilize diverse human resources.

Main actions

  • Hiring foreign employees
  • Assisting female employees’ career development
  • Employing persons with disabilities
  • Changing fixed-term employees to permanent employees
  • Providing assistance for those engaged in childcare or family care
  • Reduction of work outside regular hours and encouragement of paid leave usage
  • Providing post-retirement employment opportunities
  • Various education concerning human rights, etc.

Direction of human resource development

Based on the following 3 points, JTEKT constructed a systematic human resource development system to enable all employees to grow while achieving a sense of accomplishment.

  • 1. Develop employees who understand the Corporate Philosophy and are professional, creative, highly skilled, and able to achieve management goals.
  • 2. Develop employees who have confidence, pride, and passion, think for themselves, and act as a member of the JTEKT group.
  • 3. Develop employees who respect human rights, live in harmony with the environment, observe social rules, are sensible, and have an international perspective.

Maintaining high motivation and enhancing abilities

Our human resource development system, consisting of training, evaluation and compensation, enables employees to continually improve their skills and provides them with a motivating working environment during their years in the company.

Maintaining high motivation and enhancing abilities