No.1011E 2014Compact/Lightweight - Related Technologies Special Edition Development of Assist Backup Control of the Electric Power Steering

Author N. URA
System Development Dept., Automotive Systems Business Headquarters
Abstract Electric power steering (EPS) is a device which helps (assists) the driver's power which turns the steering wheel of the car. When EPS fails, the basic function which changes the direction of the car's movement is maintained. Furthermore, it is required that the function which assists the turning power of the steering wheel continues. In this report, I will introduce the control (Backup control) which assists steering wheel turning power even when EPS fails.
Keyword electric power steering, EPS, failure, Backup control, assist

T. NOZAWA, Y. SHINTANI, T. TAMAIZUMI, T. HIBI, H. ITAMOTO : Development of Brushless Motor EPS Assist Control for Disconnection Failure, JTEKT ENGINEERING JOURNAL, No.1008E (2011) 51.

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