No.1013E 2016Special Edition on Steering and Drive Unit Technologies Theoretical Analysis of Flow Characteristics and Bearing Load for Mass-produced External Gear Pump

Hydraulic System Engineering Dept., Driveline Systems Operations Headquarters
Abstract This paper presents theoretical equations for calculating pump flow rate and bearing applied load which are important characteristics within external gear pump design. In the external gear pump mass-produced at JTEKT, the eccentricity of the gear housing greatly affects its characteristics. Taking this fact into consideration, I conducted theoretical analysis of leakage through gear tip clearances. This paper describes the equations for the physical model and the analytical solutions of the equations as well as the numerical calculation method for calculating the eccentricity position. It also contains a comparison of the values calculated using my proposed theoretical equations with previous theoretical values and the experimental values. Furthermore, this paper shows examples of calculated results for the theoretical optimum conditions for the eccentricity position.
Keyword external gear pump, leakage flow rate, bearing load, theoretical analysis, calculation formula
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