No.1013E 2016Special Edition on Steering and Drive Unit Technologies Development of Electromagnetic Field Analysis Technology with High Frequency Band

Author K. INOUE
System Development Dept., Steering Systems Operations Headquarters
Abstract The electric motor and sensor used in electric power steering require further miniaturization and higher accuracy, and therefore it is necessary to establish technology that accurately reflects the performance characteristic of the product in order to satisfy demands. Once this had been achieved, the electromagnetic phenomenon inside the product was made visible, and electromagnetic field analysis technology was developed using the Finite Element Method to enable confirmation of the performance characteristic which takes into account the influence of the electromagnetic phenomenon. This report introduces verified examples regarding the Variable Reluctance resolver by using electromagnetic field analysis technology in a high frequency band, while taking into account the Magnetic Skin Effect, eddy current loss and hysteresis loss.
Keyword steering system, vr resolver, electromagnetic fi eld analysis, eddy current loss, hysteresis loss, magnetic skin effect
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