No.1016E 2019Special Edition on Industry Technical Trends and Vision for Industrial Bearings and Units — Activities Relating to the Shift from "Mono" to "Koto" —

Category OUTLOOK
Author T. ADACHI
Industrial Machinery Application Engineering Dept., Bearing Operations Headquarters
Abstract In the industrial fi eld, there is a need to tailor product development and activities to each specifi c industry due to the differences in usage environment, usage conditions and required functions. Furthermore, recently the demand for not only "mono" (product value), but also "koto" (the value obtained by using a product - i.e. "added value") has intensifi ed. This report introduces the future trend of development for steel production equipment, agricultural and construction machinery, machine tool spindles and printing machinery, as well as our activities relating to mono and koto.
Keyword industrial bearing, bearing technology, mono, koto, universal joint, traction drive

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