No.1016E 2019Special Edition on Industry Development of Technologies Contributing to the Stable Operation of Steelmaking Steel Production Equipment

Industrial Machinery Application Engineering Dept., Bearing Operations Headquarters
Experiment & Analysis Dept., Bearing Operations Headquarters
Abstract A high percentage of steel production equipment mainly consists of rotating bodies, such as rolling mills and continuous casting machines. The performance of mechanical parts that support such rotating bodies is extremely important in steel production equipment. For many years, JTEKT has contributed to the stable operation of steel production equipment through the provision of bearings, oil seals, universal joints and other products. In recent years, we are making efforts not only in the area of product technology, but also development of lubrication technologies such as oil seals and lubrication equipment, optimum design of bearings by bearing diagnosis using actual equipment, and appropriate repair methods for long-term use of products. JTEKT aims not only to offer customers our products, but also to provide comprehensive technology including how to use such products. This report introduces some concrete examples of our efforts.
Keyword rolling mill, continuous casting, long life, maintenance free, technical trend

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