No.1018E 2022Special Edition on Industry Related Technologies Trends of Technological Development of Special Environment Bearings for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Author K. KIMURA
Industrial Solutions Engineering Dept., Industrial and Bearing Business Unit
Abstract In line with technological progress of recent years, the environment and conditions in which rolling bearings are used are becoming increasingly advanced and diversifi ed year by year. Bearings are being required to perform in harsher operating conditions, such as special environments with high temperature, vacuum, cleanliness, and corrosiveness. Since developing vacuum bearings (silver ion plate bearings) in 1978, JTEKT has studied lubricants and bearing materials while promoting the development of the EXSEV (Extreme Special Environment) bearing series that supports various special environments in order to keep pace with cutting-edge technical fi elds. Many bearings are exposed to diverse and harsh special environments during the semiconductor manufacturing process in particular. This paper will highlight the needs of each operating environment for the main manufacturing processes and the JTEKT bearings that support such needs.
Keyword semiconductors, vacuum, clean, high temperatures, corrosive, solid lubricant, EXSEV

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