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July 22, 2010

Regarding Local Production in Indonesia

This is to notify that JTEKT Corporation has decided to start producing electric power steering systems and starter clutches in Indonesian affiliate PT.JTEKT INDONESIA.

1.Background of local production


In order to cope with an increased demand for automobiles and two-wheel vehicles in the ASEAN region, JTEKT will start the local production in Indonesia of electric power steering systems and starter clutches for two-wheel vehicles to strengthen the foundation in the ASEAN region.
 PT.JTEKT INDONESIA was established in January 2009 as Indonesian bearings and starter clutches sales affiliate. For the start of the local production, an industrial site was acquired in Suryacipta City of Industry in Karawang where a plant will be built. The production will be started in October 2011. JTEKT is aiming to achieve sales of about 6 billion yen in 2013, and plans to consider the local production of bearings.


2.Outline of local production

(1) Company name
(2) Address
Suryacipta City of Industry, Karawang
(3) Main business
Production and sales of electric power steering systems and starter clutches
(4) Capital
1 million USD (about 90 million yen)
(5) Share
100% owned by JTEKT Group
(6) Plant size
Site area of 100,000㎡
(7) Number of employees
About 200 (2013)
(8) Investment
About 3 billion yen
(9) Planned sales
About 6 billion yen (2013)
(10) Future plan
Completion of plant in April 2011
Start of production in October 2011