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November 25, 2014

Development of tapered roller bearing “Super Dura Bearing” with improved wear resistance for industrial machinery

JTEKT Corporation has developed the “Super Dura Bearing” which achieves a service life over three times longer than that of conventional products. This bearing was developed for general industrial machinery, mainly for agricultural and construction machines. JTEKT will proceed to strengthen sales in the areas of agricultural and construction machinery.

Agricultural and industrial machinery such as tractors use bearings in the coupling which connects the front part to its rear part of a vehicle. These bearings are used in environments with minute vibration, which causes the oil film between the rollers and inner/outer ring to break, leading to minuscule wear (fletching). This can cause losses in coupling performance.
 To avoid fletching, a special surface treatment was applied to the rollers of the Super Dura Bearing to improve wear resistance. This has achieved a service life over three times longer than that of conventional products.


1.Product Overview


① Product characteristics
   The wear resistance of this bearing has been dramatically improved through
   the application of a special surface treatment to the rollers, extending the
   service life to over three times longer than that of conventional products.

Results of durability evaluation test/Applied special surface treatment to roller

② Outlook of product application
   Application to various products such as cylindrical roller bearings is to be

③ Origin of name
   Named for the English word “durable” which means “to sustain.”

2.Product Photo


Product Photo

3.Sales Plan


[Start of mass production]  January 2013
 [Sales target]        100 million yen/year
 [Sales destination]     Domestic and overseas manufacturers of
               construction/agricultural machinery

4.Manufacturing Plant


Kokubu Plant (Kashiwara City, Osaka Prefecture)