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November 10, 2015

Enhancement of hub unit production capability in U.S.A.

JTEKT Corporation will conduct plant expansion and enhancement of hub unit production capability at the Richland Plant of U.S.A. subsidiary KOYO BEARINGS NORTH AMERICA LLC (KBNA).

The Richland Plant has conventionally operated as the main North American base for the production of hub units used in automobiles. However, due to vigorous demands from automakers in the North American region (U.S.A, Canada and Mexico), the plant will increase its number of production equipment, and is scheduled to begin mass production of the high-capacity series for passenger vehicles in December of 2015.
 A new line combining JTEKT technologies shall also be introduced to improve productivity and quality within the plant.

Under the JTEKT Group Vision of “No.1 & Only One”, we JTEKT will work to raise our product engineering capability in order to shape a better future for everyone, while further strengthening our global production competence.

[ Overview of Richland Plant ]

1.Plant name
  Richland Plant
: South Carolina, United States of America
: 1995
4.Items manufactured
: Hub units (for automobiles)

 [ After plant expansion ]

1.Scheduled SOP
: December 2015
2.Investment amount
: Approx. 133 million USD
3.No. of employees
: Approx. 420
4.Production capability
: Approx. 750,000/month
5.Site area
: Approx. 123,000 m²
6.Building area
: Approx. 47,000 m²
Photograph of product

Plant exterior