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December 12, 2018

Founding of KOYO Magnetic Bearing Co., Ltd.

In November 1, 2018, JTEKT Corporation (hereinafter JTEKT) founded KOYO Magnetic Bearing Co., Ltd. in collaboration with MUTECS Incorporation (hereinafter MUTECS) to design, manufacture, and sell magnetic bearings.
 Adding active magnetic bearings to our product lineup, JTEKT will proceed to develop this bearing as a pillar of the business revenue.

Purpose of the founding of the new company


Bearings used for turbo rotating machines such as compressors, blowers, expansion turbines, and turbine generators are required to have high-speed rotation, maintenance-free, and oil-free characteristics. Since the magnetic bearings can achieve such characteristics, the demand for them is rapidly increasing in recent years.
 JTEKT joined forces with MUTECS, which is the only one manufacturer in Japan specialized in the magnetic bearings, and will participate in the new technological field.

Future prospects


The new company designs, manufactures, and sells magnetic bearings, and promotes sales of the bearing for middle and large type rotating devices, and aims to attain the sales of 2.6 billion yen in FY2022.
 For special environment such as low/high temperature and in the high rotation speed zone where rolling bearings were unable to be installed conventionally, JTEKT will propose the use of sensing and actuator technologies of the magnetic bearings.

Overview of the new company

1.Company name KOYO Magnetic Bearing Co., Ltd.
2.Founded in November 1, 2018
3.Capital 30 million yen
4.Share 90% (JTEKT Corporation), 10% (MUTECS Incorporation)
5.Number of employees 4 (First fiscal year)
6.Location Neyagawa city, Osaka
7.Business Design/manufacture/sales of magnetic bearings

Reference: What is an active magnetic bearing (AMB)?
An active magnetic bearing is a system that controls the attraction of an electromagnet and performs contactless support (magnetic levitation) of the rotating body.

Benefits of contactless support:

① High rotation speed zone that was difficult to realize with our conventional bearings

② Maintenance-fee which utilizes continuous monitoring function

③ Oil-free