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October 16, 2009

Development of low-torque ball bearing that improves automotive fuel efficiency

JTEKT Corporation has developed a low-torque ball bearing for use in oil lubrication that improves automotive fuel efficiency.

Many oil-lubrication ball bearings are used in the motor-support areas of hybrid vehicle transmissions and the gear-support areas of automotive automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, and continuously variable transmissions.
 Further improvement in automotive fuel efficiency is currently sought, and further reduction of rotational resistance (rotational torque) in the ball bearings used in the above mechanisms is seen as essential. By optimizing the design dimensions of the bearing internal parts, JTEKT has succeeded in reducing rotational torque 40% in comparison with the conventional product.

Features of developed product


■ Torque: 40% lower than conventional (JTEKT) product

Features of developed product

Inner ring and outer ring design optimization was carried out to reduce rolling friction resistance.
The retainer (*1) configuration was optimized to control oil inflow and outflow and reduce oil agitation resistance.
*1 Retainer: Part that partially encloses and maintains equal circumferential spacing between the rolling elements