Intelligent torque controlled coupling(ITCC)


  • Difference in rotation between the front and rear axles is detected and electronic control makes it possible to distribute the torque optimally for the driving state and terrain between the front and rear axles.
  • Because the center differential mainly adopted in full-time four-wheel-drive vehicles becomes unnecessary, size reduction and weight reduction can be realized, contributing to improved fuel consumption.

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4WD coupling (E-RBC) with electromagnetic lock


  • Selection between the standby four-wheel-drive and direct-coupling four-wheel-drive modes can be made according to the decision of the driver with a compact four-wheel-drive coupling for RV vehicles with an electromagnetic lock.
  • In the Auto mode, it functions in the standby four-wheel-drive mode while you can switch to the direct-coupling four-wheel-drive mode with switch operation even during travel on bad terrains where a large driving force is necessary.