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Medical equipment

Medical equipment is an aggregate of leading-edge technology, and the bearing is used in the special environment featuring non magnetism and ultra-high temperatures.

Bearing unit for CT scanner X-ray tube


  • A special bearing unit having silver ion plating on the transfer face of the bearing is adopted for the rotary anode X-ray tube of the CT scanner because the bearing is used in a vacuum at high temperatures.

Bearing for MRI ultrasonic motor


  • A ceramic bearing not affected by magnetic fields is used for the motor bearing used in the magnetic resonance imaging apparatus (MRI).

Slewing rim bearing for CT scanner/MRI


  • While the bearing is used in the rotary part of the CT scanner and MRI that supports rotation of the main body of the scanner housing the cross section image shooting device, JTEKT's slewing rim bearing adopts ceramic balls and special retainer to suppress electric corrosion and improve high-speed rotation characteristic, as well as to improve calmness to reduce metal burden of patients.