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Research and development

Innovative possibilities for our advanced sensor technology

Toyoda Machine Works,Ltd., a predecessor of JTEKT Corporation, was the first company in Japan to develop a semiconductor transducer (Bulk type) that made the piezo resistance effect a principle with the Toyota Central Research & Development Laboratories.
After that we pursued precision and stability, and we have been able to quickly develop and deliver diffusion type pressure transducers.
Since then we have supplied a large number of products.
We have accumulated considerable knowledge and technological capabilities since 1966, and it is this combined experience that will enable us to continue producing cutting-edge semiconductor transducers well into the future.

Main features of JTEKT's transducer

1.Compact & Lightweight

Our PYS-3 line features a small pressure-area of 3mm and a weight of only 2g.

2.Superb response

Our bulk type pressure transducers offer extremely high natural frequencies of above 10k-100kHz/min., making them extremely well suited for the task of measuring pressure waves containing high-frequency components.

3.High precision

Our diffusion type pressure transducers feature a non-linearity of ±0.2% F.S. and ± 0.02% F.S. with repeatability, ensuring highly precise measurement.

※Confirmed by JTEKT

Semiconductor transducers (Bulk type)

PMS,PYS series (Shield gauge pressure measuring type)

These metallic diaphragm-type pressure transducers offer high natural frequencies of 10k to 100kHz, making them extremely well suited for the task of measuring pressure waves containing high-frequency components.
Moreover, PYS line is extremely small but it's rated pressure range is 500k to 50MPa and can correspond to diverse measurements.

PMS series PMS-5M-2, PMS-8M-2

Rated pressure (Pa) 50k、100k、200k、500k、1M、2M、3M、5M、10M、20M、30M
Excitation voltage DC9V
Material Diaphragm:Metal corresponding to SUS303
Gauge composition Half-bridge type (approx. 1kΩ)

PYS series PYS-3

Rated pressure (Pa) 500k、1M、2M、5M、10M、20M、30M、50M
Excitation voltage DC6V
Material Diaphragm:Metal corresponding to SUS303
Gauge composition Half-bridge type (approx. 0.5kΩ)

Semiconductor transducers (Diffusion type)

PD series (Gauge pressure measuring type)

The PD line is a gauge pressure transducer using a silicon diaphragm.
It features high accuracy, along with good temperature characteristic and stability.
It suits a wide range of applications for laboratories, built into controllers and other equipment.

DD series (Differential pressure measurement type)

It features high accuracy and stability. It is well-suited for a broad variety of applications including the measurement of flow volume and rate, and pressure loss compensation.

PD series PD104K, DD series DD101K

Rated pressure (Pa) 10k、30k、100k
Excitation voltage DC9V
Material Diaphragm:Silicon
Gauge composition Full-bridge type

Load cells

Load cells

These are compact, high-sensitivity load cells usuing semiconductor strain gauges.
They also perceive a dynamic load accurately, so they can be applied to research and experiments.

WM105A and WM105C are load cells that can measure high-loads.

Model WMS-12B WM105A WM105C
Rated load(N) 50k 10k 10k 15k
Excitation voltage DC9V DC4mA
Material Metal corresponding to SUS304 Metal corresponding to SUS303
Gauge composition Half-bridge type
(approx. 0.5kΩ)
Half-bridge type (approx. 1.0kΩ)

DC Amplifier

DC Amplifier AA6210

The AA6210 is an amplifier featuring excellent linearity and stability.
It is developed based on our extensive know-how in semiconductor transducers,
and is designed to take advantage of the high performance of our transducers.


  • 1 The AA6210 is directly connectable to all of JTEKT's semiconductor transducers (pressure transducers and load cells).
    It doesn't need an external bridge box, and can perform high-precision measurements
    without losing the excellent characteristic of our transducers. It can also be used with measuring transducers of other
    makers and for general-purpose voltage signal measurement.
  • 2 A built-in calibration voltage circuit allows the checking of input signal levels.
  • 3 Features a wide frequency band of DC ~100kHz(-3dB).
  • 4 Equipped with a low-pass filter and high pass filter (DC cutting mode)

Pressure transducer for welding guns

Pressure transducer for welding guns and indicator

A sensor is attached in place of the electrode tip, and the pressure applied by spot welding guns is measured as welding is performed.
It enables setting pressure of a spot weld machine easily by combining with an exclusive indicator.

Specifications of combining WM150-5KN/WM151-5KN+AA7100

Rated load 5KN
Excitation voltage DC5V
Material Metal corresponding to SUS304
Distribution diagram of JTEKT's pressure/load measuring machines