Upgrade information

MotionTool Ver.2.10Rev.04

Release Date:June.2015

Upgrade Program's

MotionTool Japanese License 1(CD:TJA-6821) Licenses 5(CD:TJA-6825)
MotionTool English License 1(CD:TJA-6882) Licenses 5(CD:TJA-6883)

Upgrade information

Bug fix:
The Problem: Using MotionTool V2.10R2 or R3, comment position misaligned under specific conditions. The problem is corrected.
If the version of writing and reading are the same, misalignment does not occur.

When the MCML or the MCSSC are used in 1 to 7 axis configurations, write a comment of PSW and setting data using MotionTool V2.10R2 or R3.
When Read a data using MotionTool (PC) V2.01R1 or earlier or MotionTool (general operation board), misalignment occur.


Windows OS support status(June 11,2015 current)
>Windows 2000 Professional
>Windows XP 32bit Professional
>Windows Vista 32bit Business
>Windows 7 32/64bit Professional