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For the purpose of protecting the safety of JTEKT customers and fulfilling its social responsibilities as a leading bearing manufacturer, the JTEKT Group is implementing various initiatives around the world with a strong attitude not to allow counterfeit products absolutely.
This page introduces what efforts the JTEKT Group is making.

What are counterfeit products? ・ Specific examples of counterfeit product damage

Countermeasures against counterfeit products are roughly classified into two categories, i.e., the prevention of counterfeiting and ex-post measures.

【Prevention of counterfeiting】
【Ex-post measures】

The JTEKT Group’s integrated anti-counterfeiting activities

The JTEKT Group established an anti-counterfeiting working group (WG) in fiscal 2014, and has been promoting integrated anti-counterfeiting activities since then. The Intellectual Property Department of the head office takes the initiative in implementing countermeasures in cooperation and collaboration with each local subsidiary, thus making it possible to take more efficient and effective countermeasures against counterfeit products.


Educational activities: Case examples

The JTEKT Group is conducting a variety of awareness building activities.
As a part of the awareness building activities, the JTEKT Group made the following paper fans for enlightenment and delivered them at exhibitions in various countries.


Customs’ seizure case (China)

The JTEKT Group has registration with the customs of various countries in order to prevent the export and import of counterfeit products at the borders.
Above all, the JTEKT Group has been working through aggressive lobbying on the customs of China, where the largest number of counterfeit products are manufactured, thus strengthening the injunction of counterfeit products at the customs.


Exposed case examples

The JTEKT Group has been taking the attitude of not allowing counterfeit products absolutely, and conducting an aggressive trademark exercise in Asia, ASEAN, Middle East, and Latin America, where a large number of counterfeit bearings are found.
In the future, the JTEKT Group will introduce specific exercise examples of trademark rights in sequence.


External group activities

The JTEKT Group, a member of the following external organizations, has been taking anti-counterfeiting measures in cooperation with other companies.

• World Bearing Association (WBA)
• The Japan Bearing Industry Association
• Japan Auto Parts Industries Association
• Intellectual Property Group in China

In the future, this website will introduce JTEKT’s activities through the external organizations in sequence.

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